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Default RC Car Action’s Stephen Bess Wants to get the word out about Leukemia

From RC Car Action:
Stephen Bess joined the RC Car Action editorial team as Senior West Coast Editor in November 2011. Bess’ combination of significant editorial experience and knowledge of radio control allowed him to make an immediate and valuable contribution to RC Car Action. Bess provides a direct connection to Southern California, an area well-known as the hub of the RC car industry and racing scene. Bess started his career as a contributing author for RC Car Action and has served as editor for a number of magazines.
“We are extremely thrilled to have Stephen join our team. His talents and experience will expand our business reach and further the quality of content we deliver across our media channels,” said CEO Louis DeFrancesco

Shortly after this announcement, Stephen was diagnosed with Leukemia. A Facebook page was set up shortly after, raising awareness and asking for people to join the Bone Marrow Registry. Even if you do not know Stephen Bess, the RC world is quite small and pretty much like a big family, so please read on, and if you can help or at least spread the word, please do.

From the facebook page "Bone Marrow for Bess"

Stephen Bess is a life-long RC enthusiast that jumped into the RC biz in the late 90's as an author for Car Action and RC Nitro Magazines. He's since been on the staff of most major RC publications, coming full circle to head the team at Car Action Magazine most recently. Many of us know Stephen through his personal and professional RC pursuits because he's been ever-present in that regard for the last 15 years or so. But, regardless of the circumstances that led to the crossing of our paths, Stephen's sincerity, sometimes brutal but light-hearted honestly, quick wit, and his magnetic personality (remember, magnets repel other magnets half the time), are some of the many reasons that most of us consider him one of those good, personal friends that in a lifetime, you can count on one hand.

The purpose for this page is a less humorous one - Stephen was recently diagnosed with Leukemia. It's a cancer that is carried in the blood, and its particularly aggressive. While it appears that it was diagnosed as early as possible, it's still a considerable threat to his health and it's difficult to beat. Part of what makes Leukemia such a tough disease is the bone marrow (forgive any technical errors as I'm not a medical expert) generates the white blood cells which fight disease, and this is where the affected cells are created. While Stephen has been treated with the typical chemotherapy (his new "Mr. Clean" look is rather dashing), there's a strong possibility that he may need to undergo a bone marrow transplant.

The difficulty in performing a bone marrow transplant in Stephen's case is, he doesn't have a paternal sibling (we can give thanks for that later for other reasons...). A paternal sibling would have the appropriate DNA characteristics needed to perform a successful transplant. This makes the likelihood of finding an acceptable donor considerably more difficult. This is the purpose of the Bone Marrow Registry linked to this page.

The Bone Marrow Registry website explains a lot of the details, but in short, it simply requires a simple test to narrow down the potential donors. Unfortunately, it's often that none of the donors will provide an acceptable match. This is where you can jump in to help your friend. By registering with the Bone Marrow Registry, you could literally be responsible for saving a life... directly. You may be the only person on the planet that has an acceptable match for Stephen or so many of the other patients affected by Leukemia that are looking for a donor - a proverbial needle in a haystack. The process is much more simple and painless than it used to be in the past, and for Stephen, in spite of what my humor might suggest, I would gladly go through ten times the pain to keep my good friend in good health. If nothing else, we need to keep the "only the good die young" forces of the universe intact, because Stephen is an evil bastard. There's no way he should be polluting the heavens at such a young age. He needs to stay down here with the rest of us misfits for decades to come.

So, please check out the Bone Marrow Registry and get on the list. The more people we make aware of this resource, the more we can help people with this insidious disease. It gives hope where there otherwise may not be any. PLEASE, take the time to register and LIKE this page to get the word out!!!

Please take a second to visit: https://www.facebook.com/BoneMarrowForBess
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