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Default Natural gas cost savings could really accumulate for drivers

Natural gas is an appealing option for both energy production and also for travel, as it offers some benefits over gasoline. To begin with, it's cleaner, and is also much cheaper, as natural gas savings for motorists could really accumulate. Are you currently in the market to sell or purchase a used or new
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Getting natural gas for less

Like it or not, the gasoline motor is an endangered species. While this induces many harrumphs from a lot of people, bear in mind that one century ago, the primary mode of travel was a horse. Technologies are swapped out all the time. It isn't so much the engine, but rather the fuel that powers it.

Hybrids and battery automobiles are being developed, which means more options for people. We are also at a peak for oil. Whether or not we are really running out is debatable, but there is no controversy that resources become harder to find when they are regularly getting used.

Gas just hit a nationwide average of $3.63, according to CNN, which is pretty expensive. You can get natural gas for half that, according to Businessweek. Other fuels such as natural gas are beginning to be used.

Yale study finds huge savings possible

Daily Finance explained that a brand new study was released by Yale that showed enormous amounts of savings when changing to natural gas. About $130.61 per driver could be saved if just 7 percent of the oil used by Americans was switched with natural gas. It would save $25.6 billion a year.

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About $1,000 per person, or $182.9 billion a year, could possibly be saved in gas if the nation converted half of all oil use to natural gas. Another study done by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology pointed out semi-trucks could save $18,500 a year in savings while the average car would save $850 a year, according to Bloomberg.

Other switching reasons

Emissions are effortlessly reduced with natural gas cars too. In fact, according to the Department of Energy, Argonne National Laboratory testing showed an enormous gap between gas powered light and heavy-duty automobiles and natural gas powered ones. There were 6 to 11 percent fewer greenhouse gases. This gap is not as significant as it once was. There is improved technology used on engines.

The main difference is not that big since occasionally it is almost identical. For instance, the Honda Civic NG gets 31 mpg combined in Environmental Protection Agency rates fuel economy. It runs on natural gas, and it is only 1 mpg less than the normal machine. The Civic NG drops 30 horsepower though, making it less powerful. A car has to be converted unless you would like to say "howdy, Honda Civic NG.” If you are thinking about running out to an auto loan center to get your new Civic NG, just remember there are a lot of other choices.

There are only 2,000 fuel stations that use natural gas right now, according to Bloomberg, so the infrastructure is the biggest issue. Nobody can save if there are no stations to buy from.

Daily Finance

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