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Default (UPDATE) Custom 9" Aluminum RC Drag Car

Before i had my shoulder surgery last week i finished assembly on my 9" custom alum car, i had made several changes since i was at the titusville, FL races.

i made some quality improvements along with some changes to the chassis itself making it more practical etc..
right now its still setup for 9" but i will be making a pro stock class version of the exact car when my shulder heals more ( also after our newborn is here in 3 weeks )

its rigid & lighter then i thought.
uses 6061 throughout
im soon going to buy a lathe to go along with my cnc routers to give me more options as well.
but this is what i came up with so far.
i am trying to incorporate as much aluminum in the car as i can to give it a custom look etc.

what do you guys think?
(UPDATE) Custom 9" Aluminum RC Drag Car (4 min 45 sec)

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WOW.. that is pretty sick!
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