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Default New Release: Team Losi 22 1:10 Electric 2WD Racing buggy

LOSI TLR "22" 1:10 Electric 2WD Racing buggy

The all-new TLR "22" 1:10 Electric 2WD Racing buggy redefines the norm and raises the standard that all 1:10 electric off road racing buggies will be marked by.

For the past 18 months, the TLR team have quietly been gathering data, testing prototypes and accruing information about the 1:10 off-road global race scene. The 22 is the result of many months of hard work and countless hours and thousands of laps of testing. Testing in the hot sunny climate of Southern California and the wet and often uncompromising weather of the UK, the TLR design team have encouraged and supported input from our global team drivers in the quest to deliver the most complete competition buggy in the world.

Drawing upon the Team Losi Racing heritage of creating innovative solutions, to complex problems, the TLR 22 design team have delivered what to many is considered as being the holy grail of 2WD design technology; a 2WD 1:10 off-road competition buggy that can be built in either a rear motor configuration or a mid motor configuration! To the 22 driver, no longer can it be argued that your motor is in the wrong place! With the TLR 22, two really is better than one.

European, high-bite Astroturf style tracks often favour the mid-motor configuration whereby the mass of the motor is placed inboard and where its rotation is optimised by a 4-gear transmission to aid drive and traction whereas clay and traditional dirt style tracks can require the more traditional 3-gear rear-motor configuration. The TLR 22 is the first production car in the world to encompass the dramatic differences and design challenges of combining both concepts into the one buggy.

All of the parts required to build the car in either configuration are contained in the kit so the choice is really only down to the driver. What's more, the modular design of the "22" means that it's feasible to swap from one configuration to the other during a race meeting if you really can't decide which way is quicker – or if the weather conditions change drastically. It's like having your cake and eating it.

For the first time ever, the TLR 22 gives the choice back to the driver, enabling them to choose which configuration best suits the conditions or their own driving style. In a world where success and failure is measured in hundredths of a second, this no-compromise design attitude from the TLR engineers is set again, as it has done so in the past, to challenge established pre-conceptions and deliver astounding results.

As motor and battery technologies have changed over the years, so have the rigours and demands being placed on the chassis, suspension and transmission components. Recognising the old adage that "to finish first, first you have to finish", the TLR design team have strengthened all of the critical components in the 22 meaning less breakages and more potential for race wins. Hinge pins and shock shaft diameters have been increased, towers and braces thickened and yet, with the use of clever materials engineering, the overall mass of the TLR 22 can still be as svelte as regulations allow meaning that the increase in strength has not dulled the car's reactions or track speed.

The diameter of the transmission outdrives has been reduced to enable greater corner-speed, especially in medium to high-speed long turns and sweepers whilst the rear toe angle can be adjusted via optional alloy blocks from 3.5 degrees all the way to 5 degrees to suit driving styles and track conditions.

The front caster is also adjustable thanks to the spindle design and can be tuned from zero degrees through to three, five or ten degrees via optional spindle carriers whilst the front axles can also be configured as either in-line (optional) or trailing to suit the track conditions.

The 2.5mm 7075-T6 Aluminium Alloy CNC machined and milled chassis has been strategically lightened so as to maintain an optimal weight balance without compromising overall strength and the innovative steering rack design allows the steering servo to be mounted further forward thus placing more weight over the front-end of the buggy to improve on-power steering and handling balance and the narrow chassis width enables greater ground clearance during cornering whilst also further increasing the car's agility.

Power is nothing without control and helping to keep all four wheels on the ground are massive 12mm big-bore shock absorbers which adorn each corner of the "22" and which feature the same proven race-winning technology as the Team Losi Racing 8ight series.

Also aiding the 22's bump and jump handling ability is class-leading nose clearance to ensure that the 22 can land from even the most absurd nose-down angles and absorb the fiercest of jump up-ramps without the chassis bottoming-out or slamming through its suspension travel.

Gull-wing shaped wishbones help to lower the overall centre of gravity whilst ensuring that the TLR-22 has copious levels of suspension travel to handle even the roughest of terrains.

The overall stance of the TLR 22 is purposeful, contemporary and striking. It's rakish silhouette ushers in a new generation of 2WD buggy design where compromise is simply not an option.

Mid- and Rear-Motor Option
2.5mm Hard Anodized Aluminum Chassis
Adjustable Caster via the Spindle (0, 3, 5, 10°)
12mm Big Bore Aluminum Shock with Bladder Compensator
Adjustable Front Kick via Shims
All-Metric Hardware
Adjustable Spindle Carrier (Inline or Trailing)
Gull Wing Suspension Arm Design (Front and Rear)
Wide Range or Rear Toe Adjustability
Optimized Motor Placement for Balance
Simple Repair Bolt-On Camber Blocks
Innovative Steering Rack Design
3.5mm Heavy-Duty Turnbuckles
Long-Life Titanium Nitrated Hinge Pins
Vertical Mounted Ball Studs
Optimized Battery Tray to Use Future Battery Technology
Dual Disk Slipper Clutch
Secure Battery Straps

Type: Electric Race Buggy
Scale: 1/10
Length: 389mm (15.125")
Width: 250mm (9.875")
Wheelbase: 284mm-288mm (11.81" - 11.33")
Chassis: 2.5mm 7075 T-6 Aluminum
Suspension: Independent
Shock Type: Oil Filled with Bladder Compensation
Drivetrain: 3 Gear and 4 Gear Transmission
Differential: Ball Differential
Wheel Type: Dish
Wheel Diameter: 55.9mm (2.2")
Wheel Width: Rear 38.1mm (1.5"), Front 24.8mm (.980")
Tyre Compound: No tyres included
Spur Gear: 76
Gear Pitch: 48
Internal Ratio: 2.43:1
Kit or RTR: Kit

6-cell battery pack
Motor with pinion gear
2-channel surface radio system with steering servo
Electronic speed control
Modeling tools
Polycarbonate-compatible paint

For more information check out Horizon Hobby TLR 22
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More info!
Innovate racing Features

Hard anodized aircraft aluminum chassis
-Removable plastic dirt guards
-Fully milled for weight reduction
-Maximized chassis length and wheelbase
-Supports multiple battery configurations
-Weight balanced

Rear- or Mid-Motor Completion Option
-All required completion parts included for either configuration
-3-gear rear-chassis transmission (Low to medium traction surface)
-4-gear mid-chassis transmission (High traction surface)

Fully adjustable caster via the spindle carriers
-Allows for fine tune adjustment for on/off-power steering

Hard anodized 12mm shocks with bladder compensation
-Largest bore shock in its class
-Provides increased handling over bumps and improves handling
-TiNi shock shafts for durability and smooth operation
-Molded shock tool included

Best in class front nose clearance
-Improved handling entering ad exiting steep jumps
-Adjustable front kick from 20 to 25 degrees

All metric hardware allows make it easy to pack the right tools

Unsurpassed tuning and adjustability

New front and rear 2.2” wheels included (tires not included)

3.5mm turnbuckles for increased strength
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That buggy looks sweat!

My grandson is coming out to spend a few days during Christmas school break with us. One more special RC gift can’t hurt. My grandson lives in PA so I only get to see him a few times a year so spoiling him is a feel good, not to mention I get to drive my daughter crazy with all the RC gifts I give him.
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