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Default RCC PROJECT: Goin' Racing!

RCC PROJECT: Goin' Racing!
Objective: Pick Transmitter
Mission status: Task complete.

Ok guys, after much debate and research, I made a radio decision last night and I purchased a Futaba 4PK 2.4G Super system. The reason behind this radio choice was simple, it felt "right" in my hands and had all the features I knew I would need now, and even more features I would hopefully need later as I progressed in my racing. Please keep in mind, at this point in the radio game, all the major radio brands produce a quality product that will meet the demands of any racer. So really I personally believe the best way to buy a radio is do your research. Look at all the features, look at the design, and make a list of the top two radios that tickle your fancy. Then go out and get each radio into your hands, and pick the one that feels right to you. No one can tell YOU what radio is right for YOU.This is a personal decision.

Ok, so lets talk about my my new radio. It is the flagship of the Futaba surface radios. It has WAY more functions than I need right now, but as I said earlier, as my car fleet increases, I'll be all set to take on any electric/nitro/gas cars needs.
So key features that I really liked:
- 40 model memory! (If I use all 40, I'll be happy to buy another radio!)
- Menu customization - (You can customize your menu to your likeing!)
- A.B.S. - On gas/nitro cars, we all know this is a GOOD thing!
- START - helps reduce tire spin on take off
- Steering speed - (You can slow down the response time of those super fast digital servos)
- Digital trims

A complete list of the functions is as follows:

EPA--------End point adjustment
STEXP-----Steering curve adjustment
STSPD-----Steering servo delay
THEXP------Throttle curve adjustment
THSPD------Throttle servo delay
A.B.S.-------Pumping brake
ACCEL-------Function which adjusts the rise characteristic from the throttle neutral position
START------Throttle preset at the start function/ engine cut off by switch
BRAKE-------Front and rear independent brake control for 1/5 scale cars
IDLUP--------Idle up at engine start
TIMER--------Up, down, lap, or lap navigation timer
LAP-L---------Lap timer data check
PMIX1--------Programmable mixing between channels
PMIX2--------Programmable mixing between channels
BOAT---------Boat, etc. brake operation stop/outboard engine tilt mixing
SUBTR--------Servo center position fine adjustment
REV-----------Servo operation reversing
F/S-----------HRS, PCM mode fail safe, battery fail safe
M-SEL--------Model memory call
M-RES--------Model memory reset
M-COP--------Model memory copy
NAME---------Model memory name set, user name set
DIAL----------Selection of function operated by digital dial and digital trim
SWTCH------Selection of function operated by push switches
D/R-----------Steering angle adjustment while running
ATL-----------Brake side adjustment
CH3/4--------Channel 3 and 4 servos operation position set/check
RXSYS--------Servo response mode and receiver type
MENU-T------Function menu type selection
SYSTM-------Battery type/back light/LCD contrast/buzzer/LED display color/initial screen display mode/power off <br>
alarm/2ND condition/2.4GHZ band adjustment and setting
DTTRN-------Data copy from one 4PK to another 4PK
SERVO-------Displays servo operation on a bar graph
MCSLNK------Link software setting function
ADJST--------Steering wheel and throttle trigger correction
VIBRA--------Vibrator setting
THMOD------Neutral brake and throttle servo forward side and brake side operating rate setting

I will be spending some time going over the manual, and getting used to the features this radio has to offer. As I have not made my decision as to what class I will be racing just yet, I only bought this radio and a servo. The servo I purchased was the Futaba S9650 Digital servo, which would be perfect for a 1/12 scale pan car. (I am kind of leaning in that direction).

SO, tonight I plan on going to the track, checking out the practice session and hopefully making a decision about what class (or classes) I plan on racing!

Stay tuned!
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My new best friend.
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Well, unfortunatly the local tracks website was a little out of date, and it looks like 1/18 scale racing is tonight and the 1/12 scale and 1/10 scale carpet racing is Practice Sat and Racing Sun. So I'll be making another trip to the track before making my final decision. (Ahh.... nothing like a pointless 1.5 hour round trip for nothing on a Thursday night!)

I am leaning towards 1/12 scale and possibly 1/10 World GT.

I had raced 1/12 scale for quite a few years in the past, and I always liked it, and teh World GT cars are basically larger 1/12 scale cars, so I like the sound of that.

*In 1/12 scale I have several choices:
- AE RC12R5.1 Factory Team
- Carpet Knife Generation XL
- Serpent S120 1/12th scale

*In World GT I have:
- Gen-X 10 Pro Graphite Kit
- RC10R5 Factory Team
- Serpent S100 Link 1/10 pancar EP

I know there are more cars out there, but I like these cars for the most part. I guess I'll see what the guys at the track are racing, and which car has acceptable parts support in my area.

OK.. back to the track this weekend, more then!
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you realize my wife will soon hate you! heheh grrr now I got to get a car going
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I have a question about the transmitter......

....can I borrow it?
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