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Default Building a car with Raspberry Pi


I'm a newbiee with RC cars but would like to build a rc car with a raspberry pi. So far I own a raspberry pi but have no idea how to proceed further. Which ESC and motor should I buy and how should I control it with a raspberry pi.

Has anybody been working on this?

Appreciate your help.

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Is it going to be a deep dish pie? What is the crust to filling ratio?
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RC cars are fun to play with, but they’re usually limited by the range of the controller’s antenna. The small size of the Raspberry Pi make it an ideal component with which to play around and try to extend that range from a few hundred feet to anywhere on the planet.

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've built a simple remote controlled tank to illustrate some of the points that I've made in previous posts. I'm minimizing the amount of electronics I need to do by using a Pi Face board which can easily power two motors. To control the tank, esky honey bee,I made a simple web interface which I can access from my laptop.
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