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Old 10-28-2012, 03:28 PM   #1
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Default RC calculator

Hi guys
The program CalcRC is a free software, which should help RC modellers with setting theirs RC models. The program includes an extensive database of car models, AC motors, tires, servos and battery chargers.


soon new version - a sophisticated filter HobbyKing lipo

Greetings from Czech republic

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Old 12-23-2012, 06:08 PM   #2
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Hello guys
After one year, there is again Christmas Eve and our RC calc - as traditionally – with newest, Christmas version 2.5.0.
And what’s new? We strongly hope, that we will make you happy…
We absolutely have to mention new interactive tab LIPO FILTER with really sophisticated searching of batteries from HobbyKing, including searching by the size and weight, which lots of you will perhaps appreciate and on HobbyKing filter you will not find these things. The database of battery will be updated constantly - you have an option to always check whether you have the lates version (blue arrow button). Plus, directly from the table of filter you can go to a concrete website of battery… Well, and other things you will find out on your own.
In addition, a new calculation in tab COUNTERSTEER and a new picture in tab EXTRA.
Also new design, we hope you will like it.
Last but not at least, we have added 113 models, 28 engines and 14 chargers under Christmas tree.
So Merry Christmas!
R.Tomecek & V.Fiala

* new LiPo filter tab
* new image for HV servo connection in Extra tab
* new calculation for arm length in Countersteer tab

* added models Team Losi Night Crawler, TeknoRC TKR500-EB48, Axial SCX-10 Jeep Wrangler, Mugen MBX-6R models
* added 6 HPI models (Ken Block WR8 Flux, HB TCXX kit, E10 drift, HPI Blitz Flux, HPI HB D812, HPI HB R10)
* added models manufactured by HongNor(18) and Arrma(6)
* added 8 models Team Associated B44.2, B44.1, 10RC5.1, SC8.2e, SC10GT, GT2, SC10B, APEX
* added 6 models Kyosho Scorpion XXL VE, DEX Demon, Ultima RB6, Sand Master, Nexxt, KF01
* added models Serpent S411 FF, Tamiya Lunch Box, Yokomo GT
* added models Mugen MBX-7, Traxxas Nitro Slash, Ansmann DNA Buggy
* added 5 models XRAY (NT1R, RX8 2012, XB4, XB9, XT8 2009)
* added 2 models Duratrax (835B, Nissan GT-R)
* added 2 models Teeam Durango (DESC210R, DEST210R)
* added 5 models Schumacher (CAT K1, Cougar SV2, Cougar SVR, Fusion 28 Turbo, SupaStox)
* added 24 models Himoto (Bowie, Centro, Crawler RCF-8, Drift TC, EDC-16, EXB-16, EXM-16, EXT-16, Formula Car, Katana, Mastadon, Mayhem, MEgae MT10, Megae XB10, Mini Rock Crusher, Rock Crusher, SCT-16, Shootout, Spatha, Spino, Tanto, Tyronno, Vega8 XB, Ziege)
* added 5 models MCD (Cheetah MT V4, Monster V4, Race Runner V4, W5, X4 Rally)
* added 14 models Nanda (BD8E, BD8R, BD8SC-E, BD8T-E, DK1, NR-10, NRX-10D, NRX-10R, NRX-12, NRX-8, NT-10, Pathfinder, Raptor-E, Spirit)

* added 14 chargers (Hitec X2-400, Equilibrum Twin 80, Nosram Stealt Touch Evolution, Ansmann Racing xBase Ultimate, Ansmann Racing xMove Deluxe, Dynamite Passport Ultra, Dynamite Vision Ultra, Turnigy Mega 400W x 2, Turnigy Fatboy 8 1300W, Turnigy 10XC 10S 400W, Turnigy MAX80W, iCharger 306B, SkyRC QUATTRO B6 80W, TrakPower VR-1 Dual Racing Charger)
* added 6 brushless motors ModelCraft, 17 brushless motors Tekin Redline Gen2, 3x nitro motors Ansmann, nitro motor Duratrax G-27CX, 3x nitro motors Traxxas

* added gear ratios of Axial EXO and Axial AX-10 Ridgecrest models
* model filter fixed (1/36 models were not shown)
* picture of UBEC connection in EXTRA tab fixed
* fixed reading exchange rates in CZ localization (there was a problem when being offline)
* fixed pictures for Graupner Radicator 3.0, WP flash 3.0 and Roadfighter ST
* wrong web links fixed
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Old 04-22-2013, 05:38 PM   #3
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Location: Česká republika, Jihočeský kraj, Tábor
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Hi guys
New version 2.5.1
* in menu EXTRA, there is a new summary for marking resistor
* tab LED: there is an adapted calculation and the new calculation for resistors

* tab LiPo filter: this tab shows dates of updates on the database of bateries
* switch baloon tooltips on/off in program menu
* presense of the program in systray icon
* added model Tamiya TRF 801X
* added model Traxxas Dakar Slash
* added 4 models CEN (GST-E, iMatrix8, CT4-R, CT5 dual speed)
* added 2 models Thunder Tiger (ER-4 G3 Mini WRC11, EB-4 S2,5)
* added 4 models (1600, 1700, 1800 ,1900 series)
* added 19 models Redcat (Aftershock 3.5, Avalanche XTR, Backdraft 3.5, Caldera 3.0, Earthquake 3.5, Hurricane XTR, Lighting STR, Monsoon XTR,Rampage Dunerunner V3, Rampage MT Pro, Rampage MT v3, Rampage XB, Rampage XSC, Rampage XT, Shockwave, Sumo, Tornado S30, Volcano S30, Vortex SS)
* added 5 models Vaterra (Glamis Uno, Kalahari, Kemora, Nissan GTR, Twin Hammers)

* added 7 servos
* added 4 chargers Dynamite (Passport UltraLite, Passport Duo 400W, Ultra Force, Passport Ultra Power)
* added 3 chargeres Ripmax (Pro-Peak Sigma EQ Eco, Pro-Peak Sigma EQ Hyper, Pro-Peak Sigma EQ Mini)
* added 9 chargers Voltcraft (ALC 8500 Expert, B5, B6, B6 duo-400, B8, C-403, UCT 100-6, UCT 50-5, Ultimate 400W)

* adapted menu for easier orientation and settings
* added tires for Axial Ridgecrest and Jeep Wrangler
* correction of URl for Traxxas Summit 1/16 VXL + added motor
* correction of URl for Traxxas E-Maxx
* added motor for Traxxas E-Maxx and E-Revo
* correction of URl for Traxxas Ford F-150 + tires
* correction of gears for Traxxas Stampede 4x4 VXL
* changed name of Absima bodels to Team-C
* added tooth count for servo spline
* the ability to send an e-mail to the authors straight from the application
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Old 08-19-2013, 06:03 AM   #4
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this is amazing i really like it
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Old 01-15-2014, 11:17 AM   #5
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Location: Česká republika, Jihočeský kraj, Tábor
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New version 2.5.2

*advanced car’s filter for more models
*ADMINISTRATION – function for downloading images of batteries was fixed
*Tab LIPO FILTER – are you tired of constantly re-filling parameters of batteries which are you looking for? Now it’s possible to save the settings of lipo filter and reload it any time again. It’s the same as on tab for the calculation of speed
*Informations from every tab are possible to save to txt file or print them.
Now, there is another option – the whole tab can be saved as an image, for a better clarity.
Another option is that you can upload an image to the website www.calcrc.com directly from the application, so you can insert a link to email, Skype or straight to the forum, without any other work and without any other applications needed.
*resizing of application – especially in lipo filter you will appreciate the resizing of application in the way that you can see more batteries without scrolling
* added 5 models Team Associated (Rival Monster, MGT 4,6, MGT 8,0, RC8.2e, RC10B4.2 RS)
* added 5 models G-made (Dragon, Stealth, G1, Spider, Rock Buggy R1)
* added 3 models XRAY (RX8 spec2013, XB9e, XT9)
* added model Traxxas Telluride
* added model HPI Micro Ken Block RS4
* added 4 models Carson (Specter Two Pro, CY-5 Porsche934 TurboRSR, Carson FY8 Destroyer Line, Specter pro brushless)
* added model Team Losi Mini Rock Crawler
* added model Mugen MRX5

* added charger Dynamite Vision Peak Ultra
* added charger e-Station BC820
* added charger iCharger 4010Duo 2000W
* added 2 chargers Turnigy (Double Tap, Mega 300W)
* added 3 chargers Hobbyking (T682, X200 Touch Screen, X350 Touch Screen )
* added 2 chargers Graupner (Ultra Twin40, Ultra Quick 70)
* added 112 motors Leopard Hobby
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Old 01-15-2014, 02:43 PM   #6
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Old 11-24-2014, 12:49 AM   #7
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Location: Česká republika, Jihočeský kraj, Tábor
Posts: 5

NEW version 2.5.3
* Polish translation
* LiPo filter - number of cells up to 12S, new warehouses

* added model Team Associated RC10B4.2 RS
* added 13 models Hobao ( Hyper GTB, Hyper GTB-e, Hyper H4E kit, Cage Buggy-e, Hyper 8 Sprint Car, Hyper 8SC, Hyper 8SC-e, Hyper Cage Truggy Nitro,
Hyper H2 Buggy-e, Hyper SC10-e, Hyper SS Truggy Nitro, Hyper SSe, Hyper TT-e)
* added 6 models Kyosho (Mini Z, AXXE, Plasma Lm TOYOTA TS020, DMT VE-R, RAGE-VE )
* added model HPI Baja 5B ss 2014
* added 2 models Traxxas LaTrax (Rally a Teton)
* added model LRP S10 Blast TX2 Truggy
* added model Reely Rex -X 1:8
* added 3 models Schumacher (Mi5, Cougar KF, Cougar KR)
* added 3 models Vaterra (Glamis Fear, Hälix, Slickrock)
* added 4 chargers SkyRC (6X80+, IMAX B6AC+, RS16 180W, T6200, T6755)
* added model Team Losi (Mini SCT 1/16, Desert buggy XL 1/5)
* added model HPI Savage Flux HP - rapid idler gear 39T
* added charger iCharger 308DUO
* added pneu Pro-line Trencher 2.8"

* fixed conversion of density oils
* fixed a bug of updates
* INFO form modified
* fixed a bug when updating
* data added to the model Vattera Kalahari
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