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Default America

before you go postal,take a moment and think about this.
the present administration wants to reduce America to a 3rd world country. check out what has happened since this president has taken office, "change" as he promised. America now has czars, appointed by the prez rather than presented to the congress for their approval. the president lied about attacking the 2nd amendment and it is under assault like never before. the government is trying to restrict rc flying and a number of other areas of our freedoms are under attack. this is not a democratic or republican thing, it's not a tea parth or wig deal. this is about America and it's continuation as we know it.
forget what the lying s.o.b.s. promise as the run for relection. they do not keep their promises. vote for America, other wise forums like this are likely to disappear along with the hobby we all love.
you have a choice, you can vote for America or you can vote for an obama-nation. choose wisely.
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